Job Opportunities

Are you the one?

  • Do you have a passion for the Financial Investing World?
  • Are you a start-up broker? A beginner or an experienced Trader?
  • Do you know any Brokers or Traders? or even perhaps you know many.

Well if the answer is yes, you have a great opportunity and a bright future ahead of you with Financial Business Network, and you are already off to a good head start in earning a very good income, and in many times with very little effort and just a fraction of your time needed.

There are also many rewards along the way for you and your clients to benefit from, and also to your favor with the possibility of you to be very successful in this Industry and earn even more than 10 times your Initial Investment amount and or even at no cost = (0 Euros to you).

Want To Know How?

Financial Logic


  • You or the potential Broker / Trader are interested in purchasing some Financial Leads and you or we negotiate a deal to close for 1,000 Euros.

  • You or the potential Broker / Trader purchase 1,000 Euros worth of Financial Leads, in return Financial Business Network, will reward you with a 25% discount toward your hard work in bringing in a referral and closing a complete deal, and you earn this from the same client over and over again each and every time we close a deal.

Example 1

50,000 Leads = 1,000 Euros – (25%=250 Euros) = 750 Euros Total

#Leads – Product Price – Your Earnings – Final Price for Product

Example 2

500,000 Leads = 5,000 Euros – (25%=1,250 Euros) = 3,750 Euros Total

#Leads – Product Price – Your Earnings – Final Price for Product

At this point, there are 2 options

  1. You can transfers the 750 Euros as payment through “PayPal” or “Bitcoin” to release the Financial Data and you keep the (25%=250 Euros) AND THE PROFITS THAT YOU HAVE NEGOTIATED WITH YOUR CLIENTS ON WHATEVER TERMS.
  2. You or your client transfers the 1,000 Euros as payment through “PayPal” or “Bitcoin” to release the Financial Data, we will then forward the (25%=250 Euros) to your “PayPal” or “Bitcoin” Account once it clears.
  3. PLEASE BE ADVISED: (this can take approx. up to, 2-3 days to clear at latest, and if needed the receiver pays the transfer costs)

As a BONUS you receive a copy of your client’s data

Which you will then be able to use for your own personal use to obtain new clients, and exactly what did that cost you?

Absolutely Nothing, FREE!!!

And in fact, you are actually getting paid while you receive free financial leads

Congratulations, and well done! The deal has now been completed!

You just got paid and earned yourself a free financial database at the same time.

For more Information

Financial Business Network is not your typical lead provider

Financial Business Network has over +3,000 unique databases, +100 million leads in their CRM, +200 Countries, 1,000 unique brokers brands, +900 financial websites to choose from, therefore Financial Business Network makes it easier for you to make your sale.

The world is pretty much yours to conquer, even in this competitive Industry.

We kindly would like to add that we’re always looking forward to hearing from any potential prospects Involved in the Financial Industry to help Increase their R.O.I.

We look forward to hearing from you!