Product #4 – USA FTDs Leads


5,000 Euros

(original price is 22,000 Euros)

Broker Name

FTDs Leads are from “Get Financial” USA


1 – Million FTDs

Time Range

January 1st, 2019 – December 31st, 2019


United States

Time Stamp


Industry Type

Forex, Commodities, Indices, Stocks, CFDs, Crypto


FTD Date / Time Stamp

First Name

Last Name










Net Worth

Credit Score

Ethnicity / Language

Brand Name – “Get Financial”

Michael Morena

Financial Business Network

About FBN´S Financial Databases Financial Business Network is not your typical lead provider. Financial Business Networks databases of financial investors have one of the largest selection of financial databases worldwide to choose from, reaching over +1000 Databases +50 Million unique leads +150 Countries FBN´s has partnered, generated and supplied leads to some of the biggest brands in Forex, Binary, Crypto and Casino Industries, because of the strong and loyal relationships that we have and built in the past with the biggest financial websites in the industry, we are able to get better quality, better service and better prices for our brokers. All of Financial Business Network´s financial leads have been 100% generated from some of the biggest financial websites. Financial Business Network´s financial databases of leads have all been generated by cutting edge technology from some of the top brokers worldwide using their platforms and their campaigns and having numerous years of experience and ideas and failing time and time again to create and gather the highest quality leads world-wide out today, not to mention all the money they have spent to create these campaigns on some of the top financial websites is unreal and not necessary, and as we all know that is not a cheap task and that’s why we are here to help. That’s why at Financial Business Network we help brokers in saving time, money and effort to get the best leads out in the market today. How does FBN generate financial leads? Alerts Brokers Listing Buttons CPL Campaigns CPM Campaigns Email Marketing Campaigns Funnels Interviews Robot Trading Signals SMS Social Trading Opinion and Analysis Press Releases

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